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Eastern Cape province JKA has this past weekend at the African Cup proved that JKA South Africa is on its way to achieve great success with their new project of following SASSCOC rules in sport, dividing the country into Provinces with Regions in them to achieve Provincial presentation at accredited National Championships. Eastern Cape Province JKA is on its way to great success.

It had 9 members in the SAJKA National team and finished up with 10 medals. The team would like to thank JKA for a very successful tournament and looking forward to next year.

Photographed outside the Mandeville hall where the team training was held on Friday before the tournament. From the Eastern Cape Province JKA were from front left : Ryan Smith – Bronze Kata & Silver Kumite under 14yrs (ECJKA / Sensei Chris Mance ), Jordan Overmeyer, Bronze Kumite under 11yrs (ECJKA / Sensei Chris Mance) , George Reynolds- Bronze Kumite open under 18yrs (ECJKA / Sensei Chris Mance) Back row from left: Jolie Voges – Bronze Kata under 14yrs (ECJKA / Sensei Chris Mance) , Kianna Petersen Bronze Kumite under 15yrs (ECJKA / Sensei Chris Mance) , Erin Japhta – Bronze Kata & Silver Kumite under 12yrs ( Border JKA / Sensei Rodney Shadwell), Meruska Massyn – Gold Kata under 10yrs ( St Frances JKA / Sensei Phil Jankes) , Tyler Smith (ECJKA / Sensei Chris Mance), Megan Hall –Silver Kata ( Dragon Suburbs / Shaun Kapp)