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Sensei Gordon

Gordon Richardson Sensei (7th Dan)

13 May 1931 to 8 July 2020

An active member of SA JKA for more than 50 years, Gordon Sensei tried boxing, cycling and judo before discovering karate. After seeing the movie “Karate Hand of Death” starring Sensei Nishiyama his interest in karate was sparked.  It was at about the same time that the Sunday newspaper featured an article on Sensei Stan Schmidt who had just returned from his honeymoon and training at the JKA headquarters in Japan.  He visited his dojo and decided to stop judo and joined Sensei Stan’s dojo in Orange Grove and remained involved in SA JKA till his end. 

Always happy to chat over a cup of tea, Gordon Sensei would gladly share karate stories about his years in Early Birds and karate trips overseas. He loved karate and sharing his knowledge.

Condolences to his family.

We thank Sensei “Gordie” for his contribution to SA JKA and will always remember him fondly.


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